Inauguration of the Plazza building in Val d’Europe

1 June 2015

Yesterday, Eric Rolloy, Associate Managing Director of the Promogim Group, together with Francis Borezée, Vice Chairman of Real-estate and Tourism Development for the Euro Disney Group, inaugurated the Plazza, a new building in Val d’Europe that is remarkable on account of its architecture, its mixed uses and its exemplarity in terms of sustainable development. The event took place in the presence of ARCAS Architect and Town Planner Maurice Culot, EPAMARNE-EPAFRANCE Managing Director Nicolas Ferrand, Chessy Mayor Olivier Bourjot, Val d’Europe SAN Chairman Arnaud De Belenet, and Torcy Deputy Prefect Gérard Branly.

Featuring 2,500 m² in office space, 60 housing units, shops, a public car park (80 spots) and a cultural venue devoted to arthouse films, the Plazza is exemplary in terms of mixed uses and sustainable development.

Enjoying a unique location, the Plazza puts the finishing touch on Place d’Ariane, the backbone of Val d’Europe, right by the RER A station. It also stands out on account of its architecture. The vertical treatment of the nine-floor tower’s façade gives the building remarkable character.

Located to the west of the town centre, it links the area to the new Studios & Congress District, slated to host a retail strip and 500 housing units by 2016.

Sustainable development at the core of the building

In a bid to ensure energy performance and comfort for the occupants, the Plazza was built according to LEB (Low Energy Building) certification criteria. It also meets the objectives of the Sustainable Development Charter adopted by Euro Disney (the area developer), EPAFrance (in charge of developing Sector IV of Marne-la-Vallée), and by the New Town Commission (SAN, in charge of building infrastructures within the municipalities of Bailly-Romainvilliers, Chessy, Coupvray, Magny-le-Hongre and Serris.

A building designed with everyone in mind

With close to a 100% occupancy rate, the building was completed in a matter of three and a half years by Promogim, working with the ARCAS architect firm.

The Plazza provides bright, spacious offices overlooking the outside and leading to fully accessible terraces, commercialised by BNP Paribas Real Estate, CBRE and Gemofis. The work areas offer flexible layout options that will meet the needs of all kinds of businesses, including VSEs and SMEs of course, as well as “major accounts”.

The ground level has been given over to standard food retail facilities. Commercialised by AVEC Investissement, the entire level is run by a single real-estate and rental agency to ensure consistency in the brands and their architecture.

We are proud that we have brought this project to life in Val d’Europe, producing an exemplary building by way of its architecture and its mixed uses. Soaring like a lighthouse, this nine-floor tower will undoubtedly dominate the landscape. Fully in tune with the site’s town-planning and sustainable development objectives, the building stands as a model for a successful partnership between the Promogim and the Euro Disney Groups,” stated Promogim Associate Managing Director Eric Rolloy.

We are delighted to inaugurate the Plazza, a symbolic building for the centre of Val d’Europe. Thanks to its mixed uses, this new structure is totally in keeping with our urban strategy, that of a city where architecture changes with the times, providing a variety of ambiences so that everyone has a feeling of belonging in their neighbourhood,” explained Francis Borezée, Vice Chairman of Real-estate and Tourism Development for the Euro Disney Group.

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